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1. violin:
  • Ana Dolžan, concert master
  • Matic Anžej
  • Mojca Fortin
  • Jerica Kozole

2. violin:
  • Oliver Dizdarević, solo
  • Matjaž Porovne
  • Marika Przybył
  • Matjaž Žižek

  • Maja Rome, solo
  • Tomaž Malej
  • Marjetka Šuler Borovšak

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  • Igor Škerjanec, solo
  • Alja Mandič Faganel

double bass:
  • Petar Brčarević

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Artistic Director:
  • Steven Loy

The Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra is comprised of fourteen string players who are members of the Slovenian Philharmonic Or- chestra. It was established in 1993 by Boris Šinigoj, who was general director of the Slovenian Philharmonic at the time, together with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, for the purpose of performing on those stages in the country that are unable to accommodate a full sym- phony orchestra.

During its twenty-six years of existence, the Slovenian Phil- harmonic String Chamber Orchestra, recast as a society in 1999, has given about 400 concerts in Slovenia and abroad. It has performed at the Ljubljana Summer Festival, the Maribor Festival (Musical September Festival), at the Musica Danubiana Festival, the Slovenian Music Days, and in Ljubljana as part of the ISCM World Music Days “Slovenia 2003”. The concerts in Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik Summer Festival), Zadar, Zagreb (the Zagreb Summer Festival and the Zagreb Baroque Festival), Samobor, Opatija (Biennial of Contemporary Music), Novi Sad, Klagenfurt, Ohrid, Podgorica (Festival A Tempo), Gorizia, Trieste, and Madrid (Veranos de la Villa) were received with consistent enthusiasm by both audiences and critics.
As a society it has stimulated musical creativity, the production of new com- positions, score editions, as well as promotional CDs from the onset.
The orchestra has collaborated with numerous Slovenian musicians of in- ternational acclaim such as pianist Dubravka Tomšič Srebotnjak, flautist Irena Grafenauer, contralto Mirjam Kalin, and other renowned musicians such as cellists Alexander Rudin, Mischa Maisky and Enrico Dindo, counter-tenor Markus Forster, violinists Sarah Chang, Priya Mitchell and Alissa Margulis, pianist Polina Leschenko, hornist Stefan Dohr, flautist Massimo Mercelli, and accordionist Richard Galliano.

In 2009 it was Orchestra in Residence at the Maribor Festival under the artis- tic leadership of Richard Tognetti. The ensemble has also performed with musicians such as: flautist Emmanuel Pahud, tenor James Gilchrist, pianists Boris Berezovsky and Melvyn Tan, violinists Arvid Engegard, Atle Spoonberg, Satu Vänskä, Anthony Marwood, soprano Sabina Cvilak, bassoonist Jane Gower, hornist Marie Luise Neunecker, guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski, kaval player Teodosii Spassov, violist Christopher Moore, cellist Timmo Veiko Valve and flautist Eva Nina Kozmus. In 2010 the orchestra partnered with the or- ganisation Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture.

The orchestra, which performs without a conductor, has made a number of both live and studio recordings, both audio and video, and has released sev- eral compact discs. Its repertoire encompasses all period styles. It has devot- ed special attention to younger Slovenian composers. Dedicated to high qual- ity performances, the Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra is consolidating its reputation with the creative currents of Europe. It has re-
ceived the country’s most prestigious national accolade, the Prešeren Fund Prize in 1999, the Župančič Award of the City of Ljubljana in 2004, the Betetto Charter in 2006 and The Ljubljana City award in 2012.

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Društvo Komorni godalni orkester Slovenske filharmonije
Glonarjeva ulica 4
SI - 1000 Ljubljana

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